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Progroup Public Health - Electronic Record System: Ecco
Gathers Critical Process and Outcome data at the provider level

Applied Research
(On-demand research)

The Applied Research Division of Prospectus Group is committed to providing high quality research to those looking to make informed public health decisions.

FOR: Direct Service Providers

  •  Heads of non-profits
  •  Government administrators
  •  Community service providers
  •  Local experts

Access our actionable, contextual, and comprehensive package

Providers have access to the latest, most relevant research that helps them develop knowledge, inform others, and build community capacity on public health issue.

Informed implementation

Highly-trained and highly-educated Prospectus staff provide personalized attention and approaches to providers, allowing providers to receive targeted and effective support.

As a result of our On-Demand Research Packages, providers receive expert guidance that helps them understand, implement, and evaluate important public health approaches.

Applied Systems
(Prevention Electronic Records System)

Administer and Track Technical Assistance. Present progress and outcomes in a manner that reduces user burden and improves efficiency all while being tailorable to the client’s needs.

FOR: Funding And State Prevention Systems

Track program project progress

Collect data from hundreds of employees

Print checklists

Quickly gather & report data

Aggregate and organize process data for federal reporting.

Automatically generate and submit reports in the required format.

On demand reports

CSV files in real time

Tableau and cliq integration

Ecco (ERS Electronic Records System)

The Public Health Services Case

State of North Carolina Substance Abuse Prevention Services Administrators needed a more accurate and robust tool to capture and report prevention services progress data from service providers working in the field, enabling state administrators to report more quickly and accurately to federal and state funders, while reducing user burden and time expended putting reports together. In addition, they had the very complex task of reporting hours by intervention types across over 200 interventions throughout the state of NC.

The Funding Admin Services Case

Title 4e University System in Georgia needed a more efficient way to submit, provide feedback, and approve proposals for funding requirements from Title 4e state universities in Georgia. In addition, they wanted an easy online platform to submit and review budgets, and to provide comments in a single system. This included capturing and reporting on quantitative data, such as student numbers and qualitative recruitment efforts.

The Platform

Ecco 9.0 is our most robust and visually appealing version yet. Ecco 9.0 offers an area of useful features that our users love... How do we know?! They tell us!

Our way of understanding user needs and experience using Ecco is through watching and asking questions. The Progroup team regularly conducts focus groups and user observations. This provides us an organic understanding of the complete user experience. We use this information to inform how we design and build user features, such as hour capture and one touch reporting.


Alterations, fixes, go-lives, training and questions... The Progroup team has you covered. Our customized approach means that you will work with just 2 of our team members on your Ecco system.

Alterations!? We love alterations! Our most important objective is to make Ecco features meet our client's specific needs, so alterations are welcomed!

We have many resources for all your needs including supporting and guidance documents, video trainings, Ecco Manuals, and a data dictionary.

The Prospectus Approach

fully responsive

Our approach to Workforce Development combines research, project management and coaching, and technology to bring prevention systems to the highest level of professional performance.

Our Applied Research Division utilizes PhD level staff and relationships with major universities to develop and curate educational resources for prevention systems, including literature reviews, State of the Field reports, Blue Ribbon papers, and Best Practices guidelines.

Our Applied Systems Division engages a vast network of heavily vetted Subject Matter Experts, as well as the most up-to-date recommendations from national partners, to provide Technical Assistance and coaching at the system level.

Ecco, our proprietary technology solution for Workforce Development, has custom-built tools for educating at the community-level process, supporting the prevention process, and tracking strategy implementation and progress.

Our Team


Marcus Bouligny

Director of Applied Systems

Benjamin Gleason, PhD,

Director of Applied Research
Clarence Oden

Ted Mulherin

Program Manager

Fiana Thacker

Data Quality Manager, Hiroki Consulting (partnering organization)

Nabila Sher

Ecco Lead Trainer
Clarence Oden

Clarence Oden

Data Base Architect

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